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Bradford West Gwillimbury

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​​​​​​​​​​Water Conservation and Efficiency

​As the Town’s population grows, so does the water demand. BWG maintains a Water Conservation and Efficiency Plan (WCEP) that is intended to help the Town utilize and expand upon existing conservation efforts, as well as meeting the requirements set out in the Lake Simcoe Protection Plan.

Our records indicate there has been a steady decrease of water usage in the past few years, which gives the Town a positive outlook and encourages us to maintain our efforts.

Here are some way​s you can help!​

Toilet icon

Fix your leaks! Leaks in your toilet, hot water heater and other appliances can be costly. Click to learn how​.​​​​​

Garden hose icon

​Water your ​lawn only when permitted and ideally in the wee hours of the morning. Click for information on the lawn watering by-law.

Water glass icon

​Keep cold water in the fridge to avoid running the tap to make the water cold. Use a refillable water bottle and top it up throughout the day.

Dishwashing icon

​Use your dishwasher! It uses less water than washing by hand and saves you time.

Fruit icon

​​Wash fruits and veggies in a pot rather than under running water, and cook food in as little water as possible. It cuts down on cooking time!​​

Broom icon

​​Use a broom or leaf blower instead of the hose to clean your driveway or walkway.​​​