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​​​Mechanical Trimming of Trees and Brush

The Town periodically trims and removes trees and brush from rural roadside ditches to keep roads safe for the traveling public.

photo of brushing in progress Why is this necessary?

Roadside vegetation has flourished at an ever-increasing rate thanks to weather trends, restrictions on herbicide application and reductions in grass mowing.

If this material is NOT removed, it can have numerous negative impacts:

  • reduces sightlines at intersections and driveways
  • obstructs views of traffic signs
  • obstructs views of wildlife trying to cross the road
  • hides illegally dumped waste
  • intensifies snow accumulation
  • interferes with drainage
  • prevents dust clouds from dissipating
  • blocks sunlight, slowing snow and ice melt
  • increases risk of branches striking vehicles

How does it ​work?

Mechanical trimming uses a rotary or flail device wuch as the one pictured to mulch small diameter trees and branches. When done correctly, the process causes no damage to the main trunk of the tree and promotes upper growth. While it may leave a harsh appearance for a short period afterwards due to the stripping of leaves,branches and bark, the trees heal and rebound very quickly, returning to a natural appearance.

Why do we choose this method?

Mechanical brushing is an environmentally friendly, cost effective and highly productive method that utility companies and municipalities commonly use to control and maintain natural vegetation in rural settings.

How might this affect residents along roads where this takes place?

Trees and brush along the front of residential lots that are being well maintained will be skipped over. Mechanical removal will only be done along front lawns if the vegetation has become very dense, if it is impacting sightlines or if overhanging limbs could interfere with traffic.​