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Bradford West Gwillimbury

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​​​​​​​Impacts of COVID-19 on ​​Planning services

​​​​​​​​​​​Impacts of COVID-19 on programs and services:
Town Administrative Offices are open for in-person services. Appointments are strongly recommended. ​Services will also continue to be available online or by phone – learn about our virtual services​. ​

See the Town's COVID-19 page for more information.​​​

How have COVID-19 precautions affected the Office of Community Planning?

  • The Office of Community Planning is still accepting all applications under the Planning Act (Official Plan Amendments, Zoning By-law Amendment, Site Plan, Minor Variance and Consent Applications) as well as applications for Pre-Consultations.
  • OCP Staff continue to process and circulate all applications to our partner departments and agencies for review and comment.
  • Council meetings are still being held, and statutory Public Information Meetings (held under the Planning Act) are still being scheduled (see below for more information). OCP Staff will hold Public Meetings and/or provide staff recommendation reports as per the usual reporting depending on status of submissions and associated reviews and deadlines. Every effort is being made to continue to process applications in an efficient and timely manner.
  • The Committee of Adjustment and Heritage Committee have resumed meeting using videoconference. 

How can I submit my application?

​Currently, the Office of Community Planning is accepting digital submissions only. You may submit your application to planninginfo@townofbwg.com using Dropbox, WeTransfer or a similar platform or your choise. ​

Staff will assign the application a file number and the Project Planner will be in contact with you to determine completeness (in accordance with the Planning Act) and next steps.​

How can I pay for my application?

Please contact the Office of Community Planning prior to submitting your application to confirm payment type and receive additional details.

There are three payment options to pay for application fees.
  1. wire transfer
  2. cheque
  3. pre-authorized debit (PAD) agreement

Wire Transfer:

​Please contact us at planninginfo@townofbwg.com or 905-778-2055 ext. 1403 to advise us that you wish to make a wire transfer and​​ we will provide you with detailed instructions. A copy of the wire transfer report shall then be sent to payments@townofbwg.com​ with a copy to planninginfo@townofbwg.com​ with the following information:

  • Amount of wire transfer​
  • Reason for transfer
  • Municipal address or associated plan number and lot numbers. (e.g. 123 Bradford St., or Plan 51M-1133 Lots 1-20)

Once confirmation of payment is received from our finance department, your application will be processed and a copy of the receipt will be sent by email.


If you choose to pay by cheque, please email a picture of the cheque(s) and cover letter to payments@townofbwg.com and planninginfo@townofbwg.com

You can then either drop off the cheque and cover letter at the Finance Department's drop box at 61 Holland St E or mail them​ to the Finance Department at P.O. Box 160, Bradford, ON, L3Z 2A8.

​​Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD) Agreement:

Click here for the pre-authorized debit form​, which will allow a withdrawal directly from your bank account. Complete the form and send it with a copy of a void cheque to planninginfo@townofbwg.com​​​​ with the following information:​ 

  1. Amo​unt to be withdrawn
  2. File number of the planning application

​Once confirmation of payment is received from our finance department, your application will be processed.

How can I participate in public planning meetings?

​​​Town Council is continuing to hold statutory Public Meetings for applicable development applications. Please see below for how to participate.
  • The meetings will ​be ​held virtually via Zoom and are being scheduled as special Council meetings. 
  • Please contact the Office of Community Planning or the Office of the Town Clerk to confirm dates and agendas, or see our CivicWeb meeting portal​.
  • It is recommended that all comments or questions on planning applications be submitted in writing to planninginfo@townofbwg.com​. Written submissions are not required at a public meeting but can be made at a later date and will be accepted up to the date that Council makes a decision on the matter.
  • Submissions on planning matters will not be read at the Council meeting but will be forwarded to planning staff for consideration and/or response. Council will be apprised of all public comments received prior to making a decision on the application.
  • If you wish to receive information on a specific planning application or to be notified of an upcoming meeting related to a planning matter please email planninginfo@townofbwg.com.
  • If you are unable to make written submissions and therefore wish to make an oral statement during the public planning meeting please email your name, address, phone number and matter to clerk@townofbwg.com​ prior to noon on the date of the meeting to register.  You will be provided further instructions on how you will connect during the virtual meeting.
  • All oral statements will be recorded as part of the electronic meeting and will be posted for public viewing on Town of BWG YouTube Channel.