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​​​Home Occupations

The Town of BWG Office of Community Planning has embarked on a review of the Home Occupation provisions found in the Town's current Zoning By-law (2010-050).

​Why is this happening and what is the process?

  • The review of the Home Occupation provisions in the Town's current Zoning By-law has and will continue to follow the standard planning process:
    1. identify issues as provided by residents, staff and/or council members;
    2. prepare proposed (DRAFT) by-law updates;
    3. hold a Public Meeting to obtain input from the community;
    4. gather, review and consider all written comments from the community;
    5. prepare final draft of proposed changes and present to Council – this is targeted to happen sometime in February/March 2019.*
      (*If you have not already done so, email planninginfo@townofbwg.com and provide your contact info to be notified once the date is set; at this meeting there will be opportunity once again to speak and for additional changes to be made if necessary.)
  • This project was initiated when Council asked staff to make suggestions on how the Zoning By-law could be changed to expand the permissions for home based business. The proposed changes attempt to bring the by-law up to date with the current economy (including more on-line businesses) and the make-up of our local community.
  • The list of businesses addressed by the proposed by-law change are not addressed at all in the current by-law, putting them in a legal grey area. Until they are added to the by-law, the Town cannot adequately protect either business owners or the public.
  • The proposed regulations were not selected at random. Staff conducted a significant amount of research, including reviewing the regulations in other communities, before preparing the draft set of amendments for consideration by the public and council.
  • The most vital step in the Zoning By-law review and approval process is to advertise the proposed by-law changes and hold a Public Meeting to obtain comments from the community and initial feedback from council (this is where we are currently). The Public Meeting date and outline of the topic were advertised multiple times in the local newspaper and on the Town's website and social media pages.

Once again, we wish to reiterate that the proposed changes are currently open for discussion and we want to hear from all interested parties.

What are the proposed changes?

The proposed changes include:

  • expanding the permitted home occupations to include Online Sales, Fitness Instruction (e.g. yoga, personal training), Outdoor Swimming Lessons, Home-Based Teaching, Catering Businesses and Home-Based Medical Practitioners (not listed before and therefore technically neither legal nor illegal);
  • allowing home occupations to now have the option of operating in their garage or other accessory buildings (not allowed before);
  • allowing the sale of goods associated with a home occupation (previously limited to goods produced on-site);
  • introducing some new use limitations such as hours of operation, number of students/clients at a time, and prohibition of goods pick-up (designed to address complaints from the public regarding noise, parking, and other disruptions); and
  • permit home occupations in duplexes and townhouses (not allowed before).

For the full report on the currently proposed changes please click here.

How do I provide comments?

Individuals and organizations that wish to provide comments for consideration and/or to be informed of future project activity must submit them in WRITING along with your full name and address.

By email to:

By mail to:
Brandon Slopack, Planner
Town of BWG Office of Community Planning
305 Barrie Street, Unit 2
P.O. Box 419
Bradford, ON   L3Z 2A9​

We would appreciate receiving comments by early January 2019.