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​​​​​Halloween Safety

​​Halloween can be a fun and exciting time, but to make this Halloween a treat, don’t get tricked by hidden dangers! 

Here are a few fire safety tips to help make Halloween night safe and enjoyable for the whole family. ​

Preparing Kids: 

  • Make sure their costume is not a safety hazard. The best costumes are light coloured or bright and reflective. Keep costumes short to avoid tripping and falling, and be sure masks don't prevent them from seeing where they step. Minimize the risk of contact with candles or other ignition sources by avoiding baggy pants, loose frills or billowing skirts. 
  • Give each child a flashlight with fresh batteries. Remind them of traffic safety rules, and to cross streets at corners and never between parked cars. 
  • Don't send children out alone - always with an adult or in a group. Make sure that children know how to call 9-1-1 if they experience an emergency. 
  • Teach children what to do should their clothing catch fire:
    STOP immediately
    DROP to the ground and cover face
    ROLL over and over to extinguish the flames 

Safety Tips for Adults:

  • Be extra careful when driving, as excited children can forget safety rules when crossing the street. 
  • Keep a light on your porch if you are giving out candy, and ensure steps and walkways can be clearly seen and have no trip hazards.
  • ​Candlelit jack-o'-lanterns should be kept away from landings and doorsteps where costumes can brush against the flame.
  • Appoint a designated driver if you will be drinking aocohol at a Halloween party.

Safety at Home: 

  • Consider forgoing the flame and using only battery-powered lanterns, flashing lights or chemical light sticks in decorations. 
  • Small flashlight candles are the safest for use in jack-o'-lanterns. If you must use a candle, try a tealight or votive candle in a non-combustible holder. 
  • Place candlelit jack-o'-lanterns on sturdy tables, away from curtains and other flammable objects. Never leave them unattended. Always keep candles, matches and lighters out of the reach of children. ​
  • Ensure that electrical outlets are not overloaded with holiday lighting or special effects.
  • Keep exit doors unblocked. Replace bulbs on outdoor lights. Check that the batteries in your smoke alarms work. 
  • Keep pets safe by ensuring they stay away from the door. Do not let them outside. ​