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Bradford West Gwillimbury

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​​Bond Head Water Tower


This project is to construct a new water tower facility located at 4050 County Road to meet the water distribution needs required to service future development of Bond Head and the "employment lands" located along Highway 400 between County Road 88 and Line 5. 

Project Status & Update:

WSP Canada Inc. was retained by the Town in June of 2015 to undertake the detailed design of the water tower facility. The design process and the acquisition of land are underway and will be followed by the tender process. Construction is projected to take approximately 2 years.

Contract Services:

  • Design: WSP Canada Inc.
  • Construction: TBD
Key Dates:
​Environmental AssessmentMaster Servicing Study, RJ Burnside, 2010
Detailed Design 2015 - 2017
Construction Start Spring 2018
Construction Completion end 2019


As per Town of Bradford West Gwillimbury Official Plan, Bond Head Settlement Area and Employment Lands along Highway 400 are designated for future growth.  To accommodate land use changes and future servicing demand in the area including benefit to existing, various infrastructures as are required for construction including a water storage facility. The project is being initiated to make the lands ready for developments in employment lands (OPA 15) and support ongoing development in Bond Head (OPA 16), prompting the need for new water storage facility to maintain fire flows, etc.

The Master Servicing Study for Planned Service Area, 2010, prepared by R. J. Burnside and Associates Limited satisfied the Schedule B requirements in accordance with the Municipal Engineers Association (MEA) Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (as amended in 2007 and 2010) under the Environmental Assessment Act. The Study identified preliminary requirements of an elevated water storage facility to provide adequate level of service to the Bond Head and Hwy 400 employment area.