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​​​​​Mandatory Septic System Inspections

As of January 1, 2016, changes to Ontario provincial law state that all septic systems located within 100 metres of any river, stream, lake or pond that feeds into Lake Simcoe must be inspected once every five years. 

Owners of properties that have been identified as falling within the inspection area are being contacted by mail to let them know that their septic system must be inspected to meet the new requirements of the Ontario Building Code.

An inspection of all sewage systems located wholly or partly within the mandatory maintenance area is required to be completed before January 1, 2021. Property owners have 21 business days from the date of the letter sent by the Town to take one of the three actions listed below.

Property owners who receive a letter have three options:

OPTION A: UPDATE – August 27, 2020 – Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority (LSRCA) has no program for re-evaluating the nature of watercourses, nor staff earmarked for undertaking such evaluation. 

Therefore, to verify that your septic system does not fall within the mandatory inspection area, you may email us to book a Town inspector​ to attend the property and provide an assessment. The assessment will determine if the property can be removed from the list, or if an inspection is required. There is no fee associated with Option A. 

If it is determined that an inspection is required, you may choose Option B or C with applicable fees listed below. 

To check the nearest mapped watercourse to your property, you may visit the LSRCA website​ and click on Interactive Regulation Mapviewer to search your property.

OPTION B: The Property Owner may book an inspection through the Town of BWG, and pay a a $150 inspection fee if the property is deemed to be within the watercourse. To book an inspection, please call or email the Building Division.

OPTION C: The Property Owner ​may book an inspection through a qualified third-party designer (as registered under the Classes of Registration of the On-Site Sewage System and as set forth in the Ontario Building Code) or an Architect or Professional Engineer and provide a certificate to the Town Building Department. Please email a copy of the certificate to ​buildinginspections@townofbwg.com​. Click here for the third-party inspection certificate form.

If an inspection reveals that the system is malfunctioning, it must be repaired (which will require a building permit) then re-inspected and certified.

905-778-2055 ext. 1599 (please leave a message to receive a call back)
buildinginspections@townofbwg.com​ ​​