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Town of BWG Heritage Committee


Heritage is the quality of a building or geographical feature of an area due to its special attributes and time period association.  It may have a particular historical purpose which creates a value because of the history or an event or the people who resided in the building. 

Heritage Committee

The Heritage Committee is composed of community volunteers who advise BWG Municipal Council on matters relating to the Ontario Heritage Act.  Specifically, this Committee is to perform the following:

  • Promote public participation in heritage matters through public education, public relations and public participation.
  • Provide advice respecting heritage preservation within the municipality to Council.
  • Identify and list buildings, structures and land that are of historical or cultural significance to the municipality and recommends their designation to Council.
  • Develop a heritage permit system.
  • Perform the above duties, conduct site investigations and undertake research in accordance with the provisions of the Ontario Heritage Act.
  • Administer financial assistance programs.

Members: Mayor Rob Keffer, Councillor Ron Orr (Chair), Craig Cunningham (Vice-Chair), Franz Ashwanden, Roseann Beintema, Munawar Ahmed Chudary, Ian Cooper, Jennifer de Winter, Diane Milos, Lynda Usher, Brenda Winter