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Bradford West Gwillimbury

Bradford West Gwillimbury > NYE Transit

​​​​​​​​​​FREE transit on New Year's Eve!

Leave the car at home and travel with us!
(note: overnight on-street parking restrictions​ are lifted on New Year's Eve only)

FREE service run​s from December 31 at 5 p.m. until January 1​ at 3 a.m. 

Route 1​​​​                                                                      click for map​
Holland St W at West Park AveHolland CourtGO Station (turnaround)Leisure Centre SmartCentres (end)

5:00 PM5:12 PM5:17 PM
5:20 PM5:25 PM5:32 PM5:37 PM5:47 PM5:52 PM
5:55 PM6:00 PM6:07 PM6:12 PM6:22 PM6:27 PM
6:30 PM6:35 PM6:42 PM6:47 PM6:57 PM7:02 PM
7:05 PM7:10 PM7:17 PM7:22 PM7:32 PM7:37 PM
7:40 PM7:45 PM7:52 PM7:57 PM8:07 PM8:12 PM
8:15 PM8:20 PM8:27 PM8:32 PM8:42 PM
NO SERVICE from 8:42-9:17pm for driver break​
9:17 PM9:22 PM
9:25 PM9:30 PM9:37 PM9:42 PM9:52 PM9:57 PM
10:00 PM10:05 PM10:12 PM10:17 PM10:27 PM10:32 PM
10:35 PM10:40 PM10:47 PM10:52 PM11:02 PM11:07 PM
11:10 PM11:15 PM11:22 PM11:27 PM11:37 PM11:42 PM
11:45 PM11:50 PM11:57 PM12:02 AM12:12 AM
NO SERVICE from 12:12-12:47am for driver break
12:47 AM12:52 AM
12:55 AM1:00 AM1:07 AM1:12 AM1:22 AM1:27 AM
1:30 AM1:35 AM1:42 AM1:47 AM1:57 AM2:02 AM
2:05 AM2:10 AM2:17 AM2:22 AM2:32 AM2:37 AM
2:40 AM2:45 AM2:52 AM2:57 AM  

Route 2​​​​                                                                      click for map​
Leisure Centre (start)Line 8 at Barrie StBarrie St at Holland StLine 6 at Melbourne DrLeisure CentreMiller Park Ave at Magani DrMiller Park Ave at Zehr'sHolland St W at SmartCentresSummerlyn Trail at
Line 8
Leisure Centre (end)
5:00 PM5:07 PM5:12 PM5:16 PM5:20 PM5:30 PM5:37 PM5:42 PM5:46 PM5:51 PM
6:00 PM6:07 PM6:12 PM6:16 PM6:20 PM6:30 PM6:37 PM6:42 PM6:46 PM6:51 PM
7:00 PM7:07 PM7:12 PM7:16 PM7:20 PM7:30 PM7:37 PM7:42 PM7:46 PM7:51 PM
8:00 PM8:07 PM8:12 PM8:16 PM8:20 PM8:30 PM8:37 PM8:42 PM8:46 PM8:51 PM
NO SERVICE from 8:51-9:20pm for driver break
9:20 PM9:30 PM9:37 PM9:42 PM9:46 PM9:51 PM
10:00 PM10:07 PM10:12 PM10:16 PM10:20 PM10:30 PM10:37 PM10:42 PM10:46 PM10:51 PM
11:00 PM11:07 PM11:12 PM11:16 PM11:20 PM11:30 PM11:37 PM11:42 PM11:46 PM11:51 PM
12:00 AM12:07 AM12:12 AM12:16 AM12:20 AMNO SERVICE from 12:20-1:00am for driver break
1:00 AM1:07 AM1:12 AM1:16 AM1:20 AM1:30 AM1:37 AM1:42 AM1:46 AM1:51 AM
2:00 AM2:07 AM2:12 AM2:16 AM2:20 AM2:30 AM2:37 AM2:42 AM2:46 AM2:51 AM