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​​​​​​​​​​​​​Emergency Management and Preparedness

​Under the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act, every municipality must have an established emergency plan in order to respond to emergency incidents. In accordance with the Act, each plan is reviewed, tested, and revised annually.​​

View the Town of BWG Emergency Response Plan

Emergency Preparedness in Your Own Home

​In a disaster, first responders and emergency workers focus their initial efforts on helping people who need immediate, urgent assistance.​ 

As a result, if your neighbourhood is not in immediate danger, it may take time for workers to clear roads and restore utilities to your area.  Therefore, all residents should make plans to be as self-sufficient as possible for at least 72 hours.

Three steps to be prepared (click any item for more information):
    Learn what hazards ​exist in your area and how to prepare for them.​ In Simcoe County, the highest risk is extreme weather, including flooding, tornadoes, ice storms and blizzards. There are also numerous alert systems available so you can be notified of impending severe weather - see the links at right.

  2. MAKE A PLAN - 
    Prepare emergency plans so you and your family will know how to communicate, what to do and where to go in the event of an emergency.

  3. GET A KIT - 
    Gather the supplies you will need​ in case an emergency occurs.  Prepare a kit for your home, workplace and car.
    click for PERSONAL checklist
    click for CAR checklist​
    click for PET checklist
​​ ​More ways you can prepare yourself:


View this County of Simcoe video on
Emergency Preparedness​​